Logistics incoming process


Example for the results of a logistics event: The main focus at incoming material processing was to unload the truck as fast as possible and not to disturb any of the company's outgoing material flows. This resulted that all incoming materials were handled multiple times generating movement waste and unnecessary inspections in the process.
Lean eredmény


Lean targonca, logisztika

Reduce amount of material in process
Dramatic reduction in processing lead time


  • 1 warehouse leader
  • 4 team leaders
  • 1 lean manager
  • 1 warehouse coordinator
  • 1 forklift driver

Kanban polc eredményCourse of the Kaizen week:

Defining goals and measurements
Training of participants for Value Stream Map analysis
Analysis of incoming material processing; recording process steps and potentials
Creating map, highlighting wastes
Preparing ideal Value Stream Map with the elimination of nearly all wastes
Preparing realistic Value Stream Map for 3 months period
Designing necessary changes and tools
Testing the new process, fine tuning and creating documentation
Training the employees
Adaptation of the new process, continuous supervision



  Before the Kaizen eventAfter the Kaizen eventChange(%)
Incoming processing lead time 24-72 hours 4,2 hours - 90%

Pitfalls, difficulties:

  • It was impossible to analyze the whole incoming process at the first opportunity from beginning to end as it started on Thursday at 11:00 am and finished only next Monday evening. For the whole picture: all value added activity for one pallet is less than 25 minutes.
  • In the new process one piece flow has an outstandingly important role. The first pallett or box that reaches the first operator goes through the whole process: quantity and quality inspection, administration, palletizing, labeling and allocation.
  • Although the truck stays around one hour more on the ramp, all double (or triple, multiple) processing can be eliminated. One box has to be handled only once.
  • Most of the changes implemented meant only work organization (pre-processing, better information flow, more efficient cooperation), and only a small part was adjusting the IT system to the new process (simplification in all cases).
  • As an additional asset all leaders received a good overview of the material handling process during the Kaizen week. It was also possible to reduce multiple handling caused by inefficient cooperation through common specifications (e.g. for pallet content) and that final location is assigned early in the process.



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