Order and cleanliness in the logistics


Our partner is operating a warehouse providing value-adding activities for its clients. The question is what deadline will be held and what costs will arise for the provided service.


Bagging. It means the process when the guarantee card, warranty information card and promotional booklet are all collected together and placed in a self-adhesive plastic foil (for sticking later on a household appliance's packaging). This rare used area was kept as it was used: when there was a job to do somebody was sent there, otherwise it was „no man's land”. And the result? The job had to be done under wrong, dirty and hindering circumstances which degrade both the staff efficiency and motivation through the generated wastes.

Main reasons of the messy areaszkenneles

  • seldom used area
  • lack of interest and accountability (both management and employee)
  • lack of exemplaryness from other divisions of the company
  • „work can be performed that way too"

Result of the messy area

  • slower work because of using inadequate tools (too small  table, cabinets with bad layout and structure)
  • dangerous placing of cables, fire alarm system is not accessible
  • excessive dirt and grime, which threatens the purity of the product
  • employee replacement is difficult to solve, the layout of brochures is known only by one employee (search is supported neither by numbers in ascending order, nor by machine type grouping)
  • expired brochures are stored, possibility of mixing useable and expired ones
  • there is not enough storage place for the new brochures
  • stock account is incidental, some brochures are out of stock because of late order (resulting the corresponding household machines not to be delivered in time; it was subsequently provided with brochures, causing an excessive amount of unnecessary work again)
  • the same employee had to do the work always, because she knew the area's structure (even hired workforce was involved!)

Aim of the Kaizen eventlogisztika_szekrny

  • implementing 6S in the area,
  • create orderliness and cleanliness at once, and 
  • create the feasibility and conditions of sustainment


  • 1 group leader
  • 1 lean manager
  • 1 bagging worker
  • 2 people cleaning staff


Course of the Kaizen event

Define current state, layout and work method
Collect to dos and task allocation
Removing redundant equipment and storage tools
Loading useful tools and brochures to final location
Creating training material of standard work, general cleanliness of the area and sustainment
Define further tasks
1 month trial run
Correcting SW documentation to final version



  Before Kaizen eventAfter Kaizen eventChange (%)
6S audit 27% 93% + 350%

Experiences, observations, difficulties:

  • The appr. 5x5 meter size area was in a very bad condition. Hovering the switching on the walls and the walls itself took more than one hour for 2 people.
  • Most of the shelves were open ones and there was no protection from dust or the UV radiation's tanning effect. These shelves have been equipped with doors or blinds depending on its type.
  • Unnecessary places could be shown by applying classic 6S markings. Labels are speeding up work (rather it reduces wasted time of searching) and makes tracking of stock level easier.
  • One piece flow gained an important role. Instead of batch working (first collecting all brochures, then all warranty cards... and after pairing all of them), which means unnecessary extra work by the nature in the new process the employee finish one bag with all necessary cards and booklets, puts in the collection storage bin and starts the next one only after.
  • The modified area functioned as a sample to follow for other divisions of the company: both overall impression and established standards needs to be implemented.

Feedback from the participants during and after the event

  • „Incredible what we could reach during only one day - we only had to start and want it!"
  • „Other employees are coming over from the other end of the hall to see what we have already done, however we are at the half of the work yet!"
  • „Colleagues keep talking for days about this 6S event. Since then, if there is a little unloaded period, similar actions has been started on other areas."


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