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Companies working according to lean thinking - even involuntarily - do a lot for sustainment. Beyond profit-oriented goals we emphasize the social responsibilities of a company and the services required for sustainable production.

„You are responsible for what you have tamed”


Our company became a member of INEM (International Network for Environmental Management) in 2007. E-Con Group took part as teacher on INEM's Summer University program, where a "training" and simulation was hold about connection of lean and sustainability.

kovet_logo„INEM is a non-profit, non-governmental social organization, free from lobby interests, with a special public benefit status.

The main objective of its establishment was to assist various organizations on the road to sustainable development. Within this to strengthen the environmental responsibility of corporations and other organizations, to promote socially responsible corporate thinking, to popularize the practical knowledge and experience of environmentally aware business management, to support the spread of cleaner production.

The members of INEM are companies feeling responsibility for their environment, trying to realign their activities on this basis, and to apply and spread the tools, methods of environmentally aware business management.”




Children's Catering Foundation (GYEA)





In 2007 - with the intent of creating a tradition - we decided to donate the full amount of our representation allowance intended for Christmas (for postcards, corporate gifts) to the Children's Catering Foundation (GYEA), as an organization with a special public benefit status. To our Clients we sent the drawings, Christmas decorations prepared - at our December event - by the children.



29/07/2007 - Csabrendek


Csabrendek, where 76 disadvantaged children from the village and 3 neighbouring villages - Veszprémgalsa, Szentimrefalva and Zalaszegvár - were entertained to lunch together with their family members


  • the children were welcomed with sandwiches, and for lunch we cooked paprika potatoes in 5 kettles
  • while the lunch was being prepared, the small ones and the big ones were entertained with colourful programs: skill and ability games, colouring, paper folding, sports, and dancing, for which the music was provided by a band called Gyöngyhalász
  • clothes and toys collected by volunteers were distributed to the children


tarsadalmi_felelossegvallalas3 tarsadalmi_felelossegvallalas4





Children's Catering Foundation (GYEA)

GYEA - Sodexho - E-Con event

01/12/2007 - Veszprém




Veszprém - - the Children's Catering Foundation with Sodexho Pass Hungária Kft. invited applications from families in need, within the scope of which 50 families received a support of HUF 15,000 each, in the form of meal tickets.
The programs, games were organized by the consultants of E-Con.


  • while the families were doing their shopping, we organized a Christmas playhouse for 111 children, where they were preparing Christmas decorations, drawing, painting, folding paper and dancing (again thanks to the band called Gyöngyhalász)
  • we had a tombola draw where toys and parlour candy were given as prizes
  • we distributed clothes to the families in need

tarsadalmi_felelossegvallalas7 tarsadalmi_felelossegvallalas8



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