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Process organization of production and services
MSc in Management and Leadership

3rd semester, 2011 spring



Oktatas_a_corvinus_egyetemen2In 2010 February a practical lean education started at Corvinus University with the co-operation of E-Con Group for the students of the Management and Leadership faculty (MSc). Since then lean consultants of our company have been guest presenters at the courses for the last three semesters. During the program students face the challenges of process development at companies, main causes of wastes and are able to familiarize with lean basics through practical examples, simulations and case studies. Our consultants lecture six seminars every semester and thereafter the full-time students will participate in our running projects - to acquire real life experience as well.


Details from the syllabus of the course:

corvinusegyetem„Within the subject students can acquire the basics of currently used process management techniques which are the best practices in the field of value-creating processes. We have paid increased attention to include not only the controlling and developing tools of material- and information flow but to address the strategic aspects of process management (where, why, what potential) as well. During the semester we will lay special emphasis on lean management.
 Our goal is that by the end of the semester our students will use the learned techniques expertly in practice. They should be able to organize activities on process basis using the learned thinking and approach and to realize what kind of tools are available to reach this, and what are the necessary steps to achieve this change. 
 To link theory and practice efficiently we have chosen the book Lean Thinking by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones which is based on real life examples and case-studies.” 


Feedback of the students:

„It was a very good and useful presentation, it is interesting to know how small percent is the value-creating activity in the process of a company. The examples were very good and the whole subject was practice oriented and well understandable. The specific example we have solved illustrated waste as a phenomena very well. I think the book is a good choice, too.”

„The example was very useful for me. What I would like to emphasize is the tangibility. So far our studies were dry and theoretical but this approach is much more down-to-earth.”

„It is thought-provoking that if value-creation is so small then how performance works out? I rate the presentation useful from this perspective. However value itself seems very subjective to me, I did not feel that its content could be apprehended in a common manner. That is why there were so many different opinions about it during class.”

„It was a very useful presentation, practical approach! Examples from administrative processes were new for me, it showed a different perspecitve of lean.”

„The classes are practical and convincing. Professional facilitators talk about interesting topics. I do not know however what Prof. Chikán and Demeter will say if they figure out that logistics is not a value-creating process. I certainly will not be the one who tells them...” 


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