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Spektrum TV - Sustainable development

The producers of the new series "Sustainable" at Spektrum TV called upon our company as advisors for the episode Sustainable Production. In the interview with Szabolcs Molnár, our Senior Lean Consultant the connection between lean thinking and sustainable economy is analysed: in the programme of Spektrum TV you can hear about the environmental impacts of wastes (muda), the difficulties of production caused by artificially generated market demands, the "futility" of procurement processes and costs and about the lean solutions for these problems.



Spektrum TV



Interview - Successfully, with any technology
Case studies - Process analysis, reducing changeover time
Lean dictionary - Szabolcs Molnár, Zsolt Keresztesi

 July 2009.

 Interview********************* Case studies *********************** Dictionary

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Interview - The art of eliminating waste - Zsolt Keresztesi, Szabolcs Molnár

July 2009.********************* October 2009.

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Interview - No perfect organization exists, but it must be aimed to reach - Zsolt Keresztesi, Szabolcs Molnár

 May 2009.

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Newsletter - Cooperation of DNV Hungary and E-Con Group

 April 2009.

DNV hírlevél



Article - Logistics development for sustainable production - Szabolcs Molnár, Zsolt Keresztesi

 April 2009.********************* May 2009.********************* July 2009.

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Article - Sustainable production - Zsolt Keresztesi, Szabolcs Molnár

 March 2009.******************** April 2009.

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